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Summer Sporting Camp
From MrSandman 2 months ago 29 views

Joclyn was having the most peculiar dream, it was erotic in parts and pornographic in some ways too. She and her fellow teachers were visiting a school sports camp in the summer holidays and the dormitory was a huge room with long roe of single beds on the left side and on the right side, in the middle of the room were two large king size beds Joclyn and the other teachers were to sl**p on the rig ... Continue >>

Night Out with Monica
From MrSandman 2 months ago 27 views

I stepped out of the station with my colleague Monica. The tagline under the town's name read: the birthplace of the industrial revolution. I felt like I was walking into a history lesson. Monica glanced at her smartphone then pointed down a desolate high street.

It's fair to say I never like working away, especially in towns like this. northern and industrial. As we began to walk I looked aro ... Continue >>

Threesome with My Two Moms
From MrSandman 2 months ago 26 views

Ever since puberty I had always been attracted to my mom. She had a great body that my friends would often tease me about. They would usually joke about having sex with her and I couldn't blame them. Not only was she extremely attractive, but being a single mom she was always trying to look good for other men.

Despite all the teasing I got, it never had any impact on my relationship with her. ... Continue >>

Hurricane Party
From MrSandman 2 months ago 26 views

So this one time we were riding out a pretty bad storm here in Florida. Thankfully the really bad stuff stayed off shore and we just got some wind and rain bands. Well during the storm we stayed up all night. Me and my buddy was up keeping an eye on things. While his f****y slept in the safest bedroom. Thankfully the power never went out so we had been watching some late night football having a fe ... Continue >>

Ashley the cheerleader
From MrSandman 2 months ago 27 views

My PE teacher was married and had two daughters so for me to see him was usually only at school after Thursday PE class. Because I volunteered for sorting missing things I could skip the rope climb which I absolutely hated with a passion.

I had settled into a routine with Mr. X of sorting things after class while everyone else showered and went home after school. Once I found some things I lik ... Continue >>

Mom plays nurse
From MrSandman 2 months ago 24 views

Mom had a gorgeous hourglass figure with a size 16 dress size with sexy curvy hips and large tits which as you will read on I later found out to be double E cups.

* * * * * * *

I always remembered my dad once talking about motorbikes with the f****y in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he'd come off his bike again braking his legs, and h ... Continue >>

Mum and Son, the big bang
From MrSandman 2 months ago 24 views

About two months ago I was caught by my mum wanking on my bed naked; I was upset with her at first but I was also pleased she had seen me, being a horny 23yr old, sex is my main topic these days, and mum catching me with my cock in my hand was, to some extent, my great plan, you see feeling so horny every day, sex is never far from my mind, and mum had aroused me to the point that I wanted to fuck ... Continue >>

Mom lets me masturbate
From MrSandman 2 months ago 30 views

Just a few years ago when I was 18, My mom was giving me a haircut. Now just to be clear; she isn't a barber, she just knows how to cut hair. Every time she gives me a haircut I have to be in my boxers while she cuts them to avoid getting hair on my clothes.

Now this one particular day I had no boxers and I was going commando. I had no shorts because I hated them and I still hate them til this ... Continue >>

Sisters catch me (story 2)
From MrSandman 2 months ago 22 views

This takes place a month after my first story. I remember my mom was at work. Me and my two older sisters were at home. 1st things 1st its hot Were we live. So because of this I was just in my boxers the whole time.

My older sisters were in skirts that you could barely see there underwear and they were in sports bras (make sense, they were athletic). They were both in there rooms so I thought ... Continue >>

She let me fuck her mom
From MrSandman 2 months ago 22 views

Ever since my wife Kelly said, her mom was coming to stop for a few days and they were going to the spa, I have done nothing else but think about her in a sexual way. I’ve knowing her for nearly thirty-five years and fantasized about her from that very first meeting when Kelly took me home to see her mom Jenny when I was f******n.

Kelly said she was coming in five days time, just by herself and ... Continue >>